In addition to being CPAs, we are real estate investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to navigate the challenges & opportunities that define success for today's business owner: financial, people & technology.

Challenging times...
Now, it more important than ever to focus on your bottom line. Accurate and timely financial reporting practices are essential tools to running a successful business. Being able to access the right data at the right time is critical to allow you to make accurate business decisions.

You've got a business to run...
You don't have time to become an accountant, or tax expert, but you know you cannot afford to ignore one of the most important facets of every successful business. An accurate financial reporting system alone will not grow your business -- however, the lack of one will almost certainly impede it's growth.

Collaborate with us...
Use our experience and knowledge to enhance your business expertise by implementing  a system that will solve an age old dilemma of virtually every business owner -- an accounting and tax compliance system that flows seamlessly with the needs of you and your business. 
    • system implementation and training*
    • tax planning & compliance
    • business transition services 
Professional services delivered by true business professionals, lets' get started!

* Services offered via NP ROSS ADVISORS

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