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Our fees...
Our, and other professionals' fees can vary widely depending upon the scope of such engagements. The following factors will influence the value of the tax compliance services that we provide:
  • the Type of return (personal, corporate, partnership, business, trust, etc.)
  • the Complexity of your tax return(s) (do you have investment accounts? Real estate? Small business?)
  • the Adequacy of your relevant records and documentation (i.e. are they complete and accurate?)
  • the Frequency of your ongoing consulting needs throughout the year regarding such matters as:
    • tax estimates
    • accounting system setup
    • bookkeeping assistance
    • general tax planning & compliance matters.
If you will provide answers to a few questions shown at the links below, we will very quickly provide you with a fee estimate for us to undertake the preparation of your income tax return(s). 

We offer alternative fee arrangements which are based on value pricing models. Selling intellectual capital -- NOT time, our fee arrangements reflect the desire to align our clients’ needs and market demands with that of our own interests. We do NOT start the clock every time we get a phone call from a client, nor do we watch the clock every time we work on a file -- in fact, we strive NOT to be restricted by the hourly billing model utilized by most professionals. Ask us about your upcoming project, there is no charge for us to understand your business!

Our value-based pricing options include the following:
  • Retainers
  • Not-to-exceed, or capped, fees
  • Fixed fees
  • Value priced services
  • Incentivized pricing arrangements

    Have another idea for a fair billing arrangement not shown above? Let us know...

It is important to us that our fees reflect the value that our clients receive. Note that our flexible billing models are not undertaken as a discounting exercise, but rather as a way to provide a mutually acceptable value proposition regarding the services provided. Our goal is that any fee arrangement be closely aligned with the relevant project or consulting engagement so as to incentivize us to help achieve your desired results.