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Tax Agency Correspondence & Audit Representation services (TACAR)...

This elective service will entitle you to be represented by NP ROSS CPAS PLLC should you be audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When you elect to have this service at the time of your tax preparation, you will be charged a fee (25% of the cost of the preparation of your income tax return). This fee will be added to your invoice.  The coverage will always attach to the covered tax return and will not expire.

Your election to purchase this service may only be made at the time of preparation of your income tax return. It will not be available after that time.

What is covered?

  • Your Federal tax return is covered for examination and inquiries by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the tax return that you were charged.
  • The first 6 hours we spend to organize your records (recordkeeping).
  • The initial appointment in the presence of an auditor, (subsequent meetings, if necessary, would be charged on a mutually agreeable basis) during an audit of your covered tax returns at the Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas offices of the IRS.
  • Responding or answering letters and other correspondence from the IRS regarding a matter on your covered return.

The following are not covered:

    • IRS (or other agency) inquiries regarding material facts left off the Tax Organizer and/or other documents that were not provided to us at the time preparation was undertaken.
    • The cost of travel and lodging for audits outside the areas indicated.
    • The fees to prepare and/or amend tax returns, the time necessary for additional organization or bookkeeping for information we do not already have in our files.
    • Any additional tax, penalties or interest you may incur as a result of the audit.
    • Representation on a matter that is in Collection status.

TACAR is not available to any client who has been audited in any of the past three years unless approved by management. NP ROSS CPAS PLLC reserves the right to decline the purchase of this service for any reason.